daniel fanzutti architecte

Preschool - Asnières sur Seine

Preschool Asnières sur Seine


Asnières sur Seine

The new preschool scheme follows the housing type of Nanterre street. Behind the renovated gate and under the foliage of the preserved trees, the project features are inspired by the pavilion in the park theme.

The compactness of a centered layout frees surrounding spaces, homogenous and identifiable. From the street, the yard offers a strong image of the school as educational venue and reveals the play areas of the covered playground and the two exercise rooms. Through the gate and the large window panes, the children comings and goings mirror those of the passers by.

The building density is marked out by events matching customs of scenery and comfort: patio, natural light in passageways, transparency. The main façade defines the public perception through the stone work and the lines of the structure's glassed strips.

The architectural aspect obviates any formal or chromatic demonstration: a subtle stonemasonry, a white concrete structure, the prominence of glass and metallic elements present a limited variety of materials, thus enhancing the space and the light.
commune d'Asnière sur Seine
general contractor: Services Techniques
date: 1998
competition: sur esquisse
surface: 1600 m2
mission: Mission de base Loi MOP Entreprise générale
construction cost: 2112943 €