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Lafarge plâtres headquarters - Avignon

Lafarge plâtres headquarters Avignon



During the site’s conversion, the Larfage headquarters offered the chance to animate an authentic area.

The project is settled in an environment where pre-existing buildings are the key elements in understanding and interpreting the landscape; the orientation of the wind breaking hedges, and a gigantic row of plane-trees along the canal. These elements determine the site’s scale and quality.

Thick hedges divide the plot in two separate squares which translate the technical and administration buildings’ functions through their distinguishing traits.

South, next to the noisy highway, the technical building appears as a strong signal on the industrial site’s main access. North, the administration building is placed on the calmest part of the site, with great landscape qualities. The Lafarge’s new buildings are made up of simple and refined volumes.

The architectural composition reveals the landscape’s attributes, stratified by farming activities. The project was reasoned by a sequence of hedges...

Every composing element is used to reinforce those structuring lines.
Lafarge Plâtres
general contractor: Lafarge Plâtres
partner: Gino VALLE Architecte associé
date: 2000
competition: International sur esquisse
surface: 9175 m2
mission: Mission de base Loi MOP Entreprise générale
construction cost: 10517244 €