daniel fanzutti architecte

Prefecture of Vaucluse - Avignon

Prefecture of Vaucluse Avignon



The project is born from an assiduous interpretation of the area, for the Chabran Barracks are situated in a prestigious location. Keeping the main building of the former barracks, the Place d'Armes (courtyard) opens toward the city wall and becomes the key element of the design. Since the parking lots are situated outside of the area, the site is transformed into a public garden. The quality of light, the thermal comfort from the canopy, the concrete aggregates and the stabilized soil enhance the public use of the site and the symbolic meaning of the prefecture.

The design layout is based on the facades of the remaining buildings. The composition of the facades are outlined and repeated by a series of pilasters, doors and windows. The landscaping layout recalls the facade’s composition, creating a unity and harmony.

The extension of building 19 on the Avenue De La Folie forms a right angle made up of two volumes. They clearly seperate the external parking area from the internal private one and the service entrances. The back side of building 13 is used for meeting and conference rooms. On the other sides, the openings highlight the access leaving the older buildings unaffected, for they detach themselves from the facades.

The building's aspect and composition emphasize the contemporary garden. The scale gives the prefecture new importance as a public building.
Ministère de l'Intérieur
general contractor: DDE Vaucluse
date: 2007
competition: sur esquisse
surface: 14590 m2
mission: Mission de base + EXE
construction cost: 14000000 €