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Student accommodation - Avignon

Student accommodation Avignon



The scheme is structured around three sides of a rectangular parvis.

As a public space and central component, it combines architectural, technical and functional solutions. Its shape and scale refer to a very common type of space in the City of Popes: the cloister, like the one of the nearby Cloître des Carmes.

In a great architectural conception and distributive rationality, the parvis stands as a hub to access the accommodations. United by 4 or 6 flatlets, they allow an experience close to the individual habitat. The collective services are gathered around the parvis which becomes a meeting place and more.

A ramp in staired calade leads to the parvis. This access reminds the Saint-Agricol church's stairs presenting a similar situation. While guiding the people, this scheme of arrangement prevents from inserting a monumental element on the street like the residence entry could be and let one of the buildings to stand there.

This simple block merges with its surroundings assuring a volumetric continuity and formulating its status through the expression of its details. It also hosts on the ground floor many shops contributing to the project integration.
S.A.I.E.M.V.A. Avignon
general contractor: SCIC - AMO
date: 1993
competition: Restreint sur esquisse
surface: 2466 m2
mission: M2 (100%STD - 50%PEO) Entreprise générale
construction cost: 24392184 €