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Rehabilitation & extesion of the high school - Gassin

Rehabilitation & extesion of the high school Gassin



The high school buildings situated in the middle of a remarkable pine forest, did not meet the comfort and maintenance requirements asked for.

The operation consists in designing new buildings in order to receive more students, and rehabilitating the existing buildings.

The layout plan of the establishment, its functionality, are reorganized in order to link the project to the existing landscape.

The exterior distribution is modified by a new pathway, which becomes the main axis of the project that connects the original buildings and articulates the passageways, the courtyards, and the patios.
The project is based on a landscaping design that serve an environmental approach, and help integrate the building in its close environment.

The mediocracy of the existing buildings had to be taken into consideration through a specific strategy:

Designing a new envelope, including the roof, and providing new technical equipments.

Reorganizing the interior building to change its functionality.

Enabling natural thermal mass in order to respect environmental requirements by working on the building’s typology.

In order to maintain the project's coherence and harmony, the intervention on the pre-existing buildings was designed simultaneously with the new buildings as one, global project. The new envelope becomes the key element allowing visual relationships between the old and the new, revealing the building's new identity.
Conseil Régional Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
general contractor: AREA
date: 2011
surface: 15000 m2
mission: Mission de base Loi MOP + DQE détaillés
construction cost: 15500000 €