daniel fanzutti architecte

Junior high school - Gréasque

Junior high school Gréasque



Beyond the program expectations, the project creates an entrance for the city. Essential element, a planted mall expands between the former station and northern tip of the block. It offers a wide surface equipped with public benches and protected from heavy traffic. As a nice area, it works like a station platform, referring to the history of the site. The old station recovers a consistent relationship with the surrounding urban network through a completed road connection. The extension clearly faces the old secondary school without confronting the tense curve of the central building body.

A rectangular schoolyard —metaphor of the cloister— organises all the elements of the program via a peripheral circulation. The orientation of the new classroom groups makes some space for wide sceneries on far-distant landscapes. The buildings and the public spaces of transition allow to manage the whole block as a fully piece of town. This perfectly enclosed area from a functional point of view doesn't show any proper fence. Instead program elements define relations of vicinity excluding any residual and non identifiable space.
Conseil Général des Bouches-du-Rhône
general contractor: D.D.E. 13
date: 1993
surface: 7500 m2
mission: Extension & restructuration
construction cost: 4870746 €