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Public library - Gréasque

Public library Gréasque



With the subtle charm of the early century buildings, the library extension becomes a pretext for a suture work on interstitial spaces. The courtyard lost its privacy when the northern wall that protected it from the wind and noise tumbled down. The extension gets possession of a part of this courtyard and recreates the original front line on the street. The high wall entirely conceals the operation and the public building is only pointed out by the main entry. It stands soberly with its contour and profile trying to converse with the former entry of the opposite school for girls.

The restored façade arrangement gives the street its identity back. Coming from the nearby secondary school to the centre, the sequence of public spaces regains its morphologic consistency. The library is organised around the centre courtyard. The storage is located in the old building, the roof space gives way to a series of vaults casting a zenithal light, natural and controlled. Wood of bookshelves and parquet floor brings warm tones. The reading room is located behind a line of massive columns screening the stare and the light. A widely windowed wall and an opus incertum floor deal with cool tones.
Commune de gréasque
date: 1992
surface: 390 m2
construction cost: 411613 €