daniel fanzutti architecte

Kindergarten school - Lançon-Provence

Kindergarten school Lançon-Provence



The kindergarten school renews Nanterre street’s residential typology. Behind the renovated gate and under the foliage of the trees that were kept, the project originates from two themes; the park and the pavilion.

The layout’s density in the center frees exterior spaces which are easily identifiable and homogeneous. From the street, the courtyard gives the school strong meaning. Play areas such as the covered playground and the two exercise rooms become the main viewpoints. Through the gate and the large window panes, the children’s rush and energy and the movement of the passersby communicate with one another.

The density of the building goes along with events meeting comfort, functional, and visual qualities: patios, natural light in passageways, transparency. The main façade defines the public perception through stone work and the lines of the structure’s glass strips.
The architectural aspect obviates any formal or chromatic demonstration: a subtle masonry, a white concrete structure, the prominence of glass and metallic elements present a limited variety of materials, thus enhancing the space and the light.
Commune de Lançon-Provence
partner: D. Fanzutti & JM. Fradkin
date: 2009
surface: 2600 m2
mission: Mission de base + EXE
construction cost: 3900000 €