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Tax office - Tarascon

Tax office Tarascon



A tax office hosts a very specific yet complex business. It's an interface between the administration and the users for whom it has to serve.
The scheme handles two aspects:

the internal operations of services
the public reception

A primary, three storeys building houses the reception and the different services. A second one, featured with social spaces, restaurant and records rooms, close the triangular plot by leaning along a blind alley. The main entry and the diverse internal receptions are gathered in a central lodge. The conditions of the public reception result of many situations:

obvious organisation for any occasional visitor
professional efficiency
staff working conditions in its essential relation to the public
the image given to the institution

Showing a strong functional unity, each service spreads across on a level with its own reception around the lodge. The feeling of unity is strengthen by a light well connecting the three levels. The alignment on Seymard street defines a clear limit for the nearby square in the line of the front façade. The way the western angle of the tax office is handled strongly settles the block over the square. It guides the new building and stands as a urban landmark.
Ministère des Finances, Direction générale des impôts, Commune de Tarascon
general contractor: DDE 13
partner: J.M. Battesti & B. Bres
date: 1992
surface: 2700 m2
mission: M1
construction cost: 2180021 €